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  • Sònia Graupera – Travel Consultant

    Sònia Graupera is a Travel Consultant and travels around the world visiting the best hotels wherever she goes. It is always very busy so we went to see her while participating in a cooking workshop in the pleasant courtyard of the Mandarin Hotel in Barcelona.


    1 - What is luxury?

    First of all, luxury for me is time, time for me. But the luxury I dedicate to is everything that represents perfection in service and not say "no" when a client asks for something and has a desire.


    2 - What is your professional specialty?

    The luxury hotels. Mainly from Asia, but in reality everywhere.


    3 - What do you value most about luxury accommodation?

    Fast Wifi, that the bed is comfortable, very good breakfast and silence. I do not like listening to neighbors.


    4 - What do you like most about your work?

    Having the privilege of going to unique places (even though I do not enjoy them as a normal client) and being able to meet the people that make perfection possible in those places.


    5 - A must visit?

    Thailand and Mexico. The two countries represent exoticism, have a wide variety of landscapes and a spectacular cuisine. By the way, if you do not like spicy, do not go!

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