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    At 3els we are committed to Responsible Tourism that respects our surroundings and the environment. For this reason, we aim to provide a fair, eco-sustainable and caring service. In addition, we have the Biosphere Certification which ensures that we continuously update all our policies in the sociocultural, economic and environmental fields following the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

    Our basic lines of action:

    - Human values: we firmly believe that it is necessary to recover and encourage values such as commitment, citizenship, effort and solidarity and we work to help build a society and economy within the parameters of this new model.

    - Ecology and Sustainability: from our office equipment to the services we offer to our customers, at 3els we work, as far as possible, with providers that offer eco-sustainable services and natural, organic, local products. You can identify the experiences and services that offer some of these criteria as they are marked with our "Eco" logo.

    - Solidarity: to continue our aim of contributing to the conservation and improvement of our society and environment, part of 3els profits will be destined to associations which contribute to promoting the values mentioned above. Non-profit associations, charitable projects, environmental NGOs ... Always hand picked by the 3els team to ensure that our contributions are used in the positive way.



    simbol_vertical_1 Eco-sustainable accommodation
    simbol_vertical_1 Restaurants with organic & local products
    simbol_vertical_1 Slow Fashion shopping tour
    simbol_vertical_1 Eco & alternative tranports
    simbol_vertical_1 Beauty treatments with 100% natural products
    simbol_vertical_1 Eco tours through nature
    simbol_vertical_1 Visits to eco-sustainable cellars


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    "Drops of luxury" are personalized gift vouchers, ideal to enjoy little moments of luxury either personally, to give away or as an incentive for your employees...

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    At 3els we work continuously to provide our clients with unique experiences that allow them to discover our country in an unique and different way...

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    At 3els we always build tailored services for our customers. Each one is unique and special and receives a treatment based on excellence...