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    The mixture of innovation and traditional cuisine with several centuries of history, makes  Spain & Portugal gourmet countries where the visitors’ palates will be delighted with its uncountable options.

    We have over 250 restaurants awarded with prestigious Michelin stars. Exclusive and cozy restaurants, elegant, with private rooms, outdoor terraces and extraordinary views. If you prefer a private meal, we also have call-out chef service. Whether you want to savor traditional local cuisine or any other international option, we will fulfill your expectations.

    Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy our exquisite cuisine, a perfect combination of elegant and charming places, wineries with centuries of history, local products and excellent, prestigious chefs.


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    Shopping is another way of enjoying the city and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. he elegant Passeig de Gràcia, the prestigious Calle Serrano in Madrid...

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    We have numerous high quality medical and beauty centers ideal to take care of yourself and relax during your stay...

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    When night falls, we offer a wide range of leisure activities until the early hours. Enjoy live music, jazz, flamenco, VIP access to the most chic clubs...