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    Located in northern Spain, the Basque Country offers one of the best cuisines in the world, from its famous and varied "pintxos" to prestigious Michelin-starred chefs, the Basque cuisine is worth a visit itself. But you can also enjoy beaches surrounded by nature, modern architecture, wine, art, culture, tradition and a character that make it unique.

    The Basque Country has much more to offer. Its capital, Bilbao, has become a symbol of contemporary architecture thanks to avant-garde buildings like the Guggenheim Museum, designed by the well-known architect Frank Gehry. In the province of Bizkaia you can also find golden beaches, cliffs and beautiful fishing villages. Its coast is home to the Hanging Bridge of Vizcaya, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

    In the province of Guipuzcoa there are spectacular beaches bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and the impressive cliffs of Deba and Zumaia. La Concha bay is one of the most famous images of the capital, San Sebastian, a beautiful city that combines modern architecture with stately buildings like the Kursaal Palace which hosts the prestigious International Film Festival. Valleys and mountains, with spaces such as the Natural Parks of Aiako Harria and Aralar, make up the landscape of the interior of this province.

    Alava is perhaps the most unknown province but certainly not less important... Vitoria, named European Green Capital in 2012 by the EU, is a city where you can feel tranquility, surrounded entirely by green spaces that allow you to enjoy nature and the outdoors without leaving the city. The region of the Rioja Alavesa is worth an aside trip, known for its Wine Route it will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes of endless vineyards and a variety of wineries, a must for wine lovers.




    A pleasant walk will allow you to discover the essential places in Bilbao... The elegant Arriaga theater, the narrow and bustling streets of Casco Viejo...



    A stroll along La Concha is a must, it is one of the most beautiful bays in the country. In addition to the wonderful sea views, the tour will also pass by some...



    The Basque coast and interior landscapes well worth a stop for several days. Beautiful sceneries of rugged coast, the Urdaibai estuary, Laga Beach, Oma Forest...

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    VITORIA, european green CAPITAL

    There are plenty of reasons that Vitoria was named European Green Capital in 2012. Its environmental policies and the commitment of its inhabitants have...


    When you visit the Rioja Alavesa for the first time, you know you will want to come back. Its landscapes, aromatic smells, villages, architecture, its wines...

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