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    We have numerous high quality medical and beauty centers ideal to take care of yourself and relax during your stay.

    Its prestigious array of medical teams, its scientific achievements and the use of the latest surgical techniques, including transplants, cosmetic surgery, eye, thoracic or cardio surgery, have made Spain one of the most advanced healthcare countries in the world. Here you can find some of the most prestigious clinics on the planet, pioneering new treatments in many disciplines.

    We can offer you top quality fully-comprehensive medical care, with everything you need to undergo your treatment: travel organization, accommodation, interpreter service, medical care, insurance, etc.

    And for you to relax and take care of your image, we have the best luxury beauty spas as well as other alternative treatments. Small urban oasis with magnificent facilities, where you will be attended by professionals and where you can enjoy the comfort and the best cosmetic products on the market. Bathing, aromatic jacuzzi baths, 100% natural products, beauty treatments, physiotherapy and acupuncture, massages (Thai, Balinese, anti jet lag ...) and hairdressers are some of the available services.

    Pamper yourself and forget stress!


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    When night falls, we offer a wide range of leisure activities until the early hours. Enjoy live music, jazz, flamenco, VIP access to the most chic clubs...

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    At 3els we work continuously to provide our clients with unique experiences that allow them to discover our country in an unique and different way...

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    Thanks to our extensive experience as event organizers, you will be in the hands of great professionals that will make your event a huge success...