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    At 3els we work continuously to provide our clients with unique experiences that allow them to discover our country in an unique and different way.

    Enjoy wonderful aerial views from a helicopter, browse our wonderful coastline and discover beautiful beaches and typical, charming fishing villages.

    If you are a sports fan, you also have excellent opportunities. Throughout the year some of the most prestigious sporting events take place: Conde de Godo Tennis, big football games like Barcelona FC or Real Madrid, Grand Prix Formula 1 and MotoGP, the Barcelona World Race, horse riding, golf, international surf competitions in the gigantic waves of Nazaré in Portugal...

    Experience the feeling of scoring a goal in the Camp Nou, visit the Park Güell at night, make exclusive tasting of our finest wines and products, contemplate our landscapes from a hot air balloon, drive a Formula car, attend any of the prestigious fashion shows, cook your own dinner with prestigious Michelin star chefs, visit Montserrat mountain in a vintage car, organize a private party at the most exclusive venues ...

    These are just some of the surprises that await you. Let your imagination go, your wish will be our commitment.


    simbol_vertical_1 FC Barcelona
    simbol_vertical_1 Formula 1, Moto GP
    simbol_vertical_1 Exclusive vintage cars
    simbol_vertical_1 Show cooking with Michelin Star
    simbol_vertical_1 Driving on a high speed circuit


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    Thanks to our experience as event organizers, you will be in the hands of great professionals that will make your event a huge success...

    spain-luxury-travel-incoming-dmc-concierge-services-photographic tours-THUMB


    We offer a photo service during your visit or event, so that you can enjoy it without interruption while a member of our team of professional photographers...

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    As a DMC specialists in tailor-made experiences, we can offer you all the services that your customers wish...