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  • Rocío Gutiérrez – 3els

    Rocío Gutiérrez is the Founder & CEO at 3e Luxury Services and Drops of Luxury, she has long professional experience in Tourism, Business Administration, Institutional Relations, Protocol and Event Organization.


    1 - What is luxury?

    It is living with awareness and harmony with our environment, enjoying every moment and every little detail. Be at peace. Smile every day. It is something available to everyone, the real luxury is to make it your way of life.


    2 - What is your professional specialty?

    Being attentive to those small details that make the difference, it is what makes our customers enjoy each unique moment, thrill them and make them want to come back again.


    3 - What do you value most about luxury accommodation?

    The attention to detail, the kindness and the smile of the people who attend you, the tranquility. Of course, it must always be accompanied by excellent services.


    4 - What do you like most about your work?

    Surprise our customers, I enjoy each one of the experiences we prepare just thinking that they will enjoy them.


    5 - A must visit?

    Each and every one of the corners of this planet because, as I said, the important thing is to enjoy the moment and all places have wonderful things to offer... Even so, I recognize that Formentera and Africa have my heart stolen.


    6 - And finally, the next project?

    Promote responsible tourism in all senses. At 3els, we believe that the real luxury lies in getting our experiences to thrill our customers and, at the same time, respect and contribute to improving our environment. For this reason, we are committed to responsible tourism and offer, as far as possible, an eco-sustainable service.


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