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  • Idili Lizcano – Alqvimia

    Idili Lizcano is the Founder of Alqvimia, one of our favorite brands of 100% natural cosmetics products with organic ingredients. The products are wonderful and discovering the Alqvima universe in the fabulous surroundings of La Garrotxa was a real pleasure.


    1. What is luxury?
    Luxury is beauty, sensuality, creativity, sensitivity, love, culture... Elegance, understanding by elegance the union of beauty and consciousness. Luxury is a combined experience of all these energies that are embodied in an object, in a product, in an experience. Beauty and consciousness are always linked to love. The challenge of luxury is to turn it into an experience of love. From love towards what you create, from love towards what you experience, from love to the present moment in which you enjoy that experience. Luxury is harmony with nature, with the human being, with beauty. It is an aesthetic and mystical experience at the same time. Luxury is transformation... An energy that takes us out of the ordinary, the trivial, the mundane and leads us to the fullness of being, to the ecstasy of the senses ...


    2. What is your professional specialty?
    I am a perfumer, I create with love products of perfumery and high cosmetics that transform people. I use the knowledge of the ancient ALCHEMY to achieve this transformation. We use the purest and noble essential oils to create sublime fruits of the union of magic and science united in a single flavor... I believe that perfumery is not only a business but it is, above all, an art.


    3. What do you like most about your work?
    Creating... I love creating new things, creating new ideas... Creativity connects us with something sacred inside us... When I believe I am enthusiastic. I love this word. It comes from the Greek, it comes from In Zeus, in Deus, in God... Let's say, you connect with the God or the Goddess that is inside you when it comes to creating. Everything that comes out of there is beautiful and powerful. Another thing that I love about my job is to see how we can transform, help, heal, improve the quality of life of people who trust our products and our brand ALQVIMIA.


    4. What do you value most about a luxury service?
    That it is done with love. I believe that the new luxury is transformation and that this transformation comes from love, from the enthusiasm you put into the things you do or offer. There is a kind of cold, distant, elitist luxury... sometimes even rough that I personally do not like. Create distance. When someone treats you with love or creates an object, a product with love it seduces you, fascinates you, transforms you... It is warm, sensual, attractive, close, sophisticated, beautiful...


    5. An essential visit?
    There are a few places that fascinate me in the world. Venice, Florence, Bali, Sicily, Vanarasi, Havana, Jaisalmer in the desert of Rajasthan, Scotland ... It is difficult to choose one but in reality the important thing is not the place but the attitude with which you go to the place, with which you enjoy the place, you open yourself to it, its history, its magic, its people, its culture, its sense of beauty...


    6. Your favorite place in Barcelona?
    I love all the gothic and modernist part of the city. Barcelona seems to me a fascinating Mediterranean city full of life, beauty, art, aesthetic sensuality. I live in the solitude and beauty of the mountains of La Garrotxa in the Girona Pyrenees but I love going to Barcelona, being immersed in it.


    7. Trends in the world of luxury?
    I believe that the essence of the new luxury trends is TRANSFORMATION. ALQVIMIA means precisely this TRANSFORMATION. So we are perfectly aligned with the vanguard of the luxury industry. We have recently created products and experiences that have the power to transform a woman. They are workshops for female empowerment carried out by many of the beauty centers and spas that use our brand. Accompanying these workshops there is a series of magical products as one called SENSUALITY that applied in certain areas of the woman's body makes her experience a true transformation on many levels: hormonal, emotional, aesthetic, professional, sexual, spiritual ... It connects the woman with her inner beauty that is light. Lately we are launching a campaign called: "Luxury Spaces for a Luxury Brand". We promote the big spas in the world where they use our brand. The ALQVIMIA spa shop in Madrid on Calle Lagasca received the Best Spa and Wellness Center Award in Spain. Our Rambla Catalunya store in Barcelona is a simple and beautiful space from which we transmit the spirit, beauty and magic of our brand to the city. Both are temples of beauty.


    For further information about our services and experiences with Alqvimia, write us through our contact form.