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    Luxury is beauty, sensuality, creativity, sensitivity, love, culture... Elegance, understanding by elegance the union of beauty and consciousness. Luxury is a combined experience of all these energies that are embodied in an object, in a product, in an experience. Beauty and consciousness are always linked to love. The challenge of luxury is to turn it into an experience of love. From love towards what you create, from love towards what you experience, from love to the present moment in which you enjoy that experience. Luxury is harmony with nature, with the human being, with beauty. It is an aesthetic and mystical experience at the same time. Luxury is transformation... An energy that takes us out of the ordinary, the trivial, the mundane and leads us to the fullness of being, to the ecstasy of the senses ...

    Idili Lizcano - Founder of Aqvimia

    First of all, luxury for me is time, time for me. But the luxury I dedicate to is everything that represents perfection in service and not say "no" when a client asks for something and has a desire.

    Sònia Graupera - Travel Consultant


    Everything that can not be bought with money.

    Lluís Morillas - CEO and creative director at Morillas Branding Agency

    For me the luxury is knowing how to enjoy everything we do, the places we go. To live every little moment with maximum intensity.

    Xavier Torres-Canals - Founder & CEO at Ics te ce_ & 3els collaborator.

    It is living with awareness and harmony with our environment, enjoying every moment and every little detail. Be at peace. Smile every day. It is something available to everyone, the real luxury is to make it your way of life.

    Rocío Gutiérrez - Founder & CEO at 3els

    Noun (plural luxuries)
    [mass noun]

    1. A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. 2. [count noun] An inessential, desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain. 3. [in singular] A pleasure obtained only rarely.

    Oxford English Dictionary