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  • ona03sm Following Al-Andalus footsteps

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    • Sherry Barrels In Jerez Bodega, Spain


    simbol_vertical_1 Duration: 6-8 days
    simbol_vertical_1 Time: 10AM-8PM
    simbol_vertical_1 Best season: all year
    simbol_vertical_1 Combine with: flamenco

    A route that will take us through some of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Both the order and the duration of the itinerary will be adapted to each client.

    Enjoy Sevilla, its Torre del Oro, the Giralda and the Cathedral; Cadiz, visiting one of the wineries of Jerez, its beautiful Andalusian horses shows, Doñana marshes; the stunning city of Ronda; in Granada, Alhambra and its Albaicín; Cordoba and its mosque; and Baeza & Ubeda, cities of extraordinary beauty declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    Do not miss some of our great flamenco shows, live passion and tradition in its purest form.



    between wild bulls & olives

    Andalusia is perhaps one of the most rural communities in Spain. Its fields, its farms, its agriculture and its artisans make up much of its heritage...


    feeling FLAMENCO

    Feel flamenco through a private show at one of the most emblematic places in Granada, a Sacromonte cave. Among winding streets and fabulous views...


    whales watching

    With a 97% of chance of sighting, we will leave from Tarifa on our private boat looking for dolphins & whales. An unforgettable experience with wild nature...