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    • Kite surfing in Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa is most popular places in


    simbol_vertical_1 Duration: 2-4H
    simbol_vertical_1 Time: 10AM-7PM
    simbol_vertical_1 Best season: from April to October
    simbol_vertical_1 Combine with: kitesurf, windsurf

    With a 97% chance of sighting, we will leave from Tarifa (Cádiz) on our private boat looking for dolphins, whales and killer whales. Our partner is a non-profit organization that aims to protect cetaceans in the Iberian Peninsula.

    Like us, they are committed to a sustainable tourism for whales to ensure responsible and respectful activities with the animals and marine life.

    An unforgettable experience in direct contact with wild nature.


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